Friday, August 3, 2012

Things Lost

So interesting how a photo can invoke emotions or bring out feelings inside of you that weren't quite present at the moment. That saying, "A picture says a thousand words" should also add on a thousand words and emotions. 

I'm beyond thankful to God for sight, art, pictures, etc.  Photos capture responses and tell a story in a way that words cannot describe.  Its funny how when we look at past pictures of ourselves it seems like we're not the same person in the photo we're gazing at.  "That doesn't look like me," "I can't believe I use to wear that,"  "Oh, I remember that, it was my favorite," "That use to be my best friend," "That was back in the day when I was able to," "Yeah the good ole days," "Those days were nightmares for me," and the list goes on and on.  Bottom line is that no matter who you are, when you look upon photos that have a connection to you in a personal way...some emotional response will rise within you..

For me...after recently rummaging through past photos, I noticed how my emotions pointed out to me that I had lost a few things, actually a few important things.  And what I had lost was not material things, although I'm sure if I had went down memory lane long enough, I could have thought of those things as well.  What I had lost were soulful things.  Things that made me sing inside...things that made me come alive and see things from that unique place that only 'I' can see.  Things that made me see life from that unique kaleidoscope that God had given me.  Over the years because of life changes and situations those lost things went dormant.  Sometimes its not a bad thing for things to go dormant in your life especially if you gain something else in return. I've gained so much over the years, one being my incredibly, sweet, gentle and handsome husband. I realized that it was necessary for my focus and even some of my dreams to diminish in order to fulfill one of my ultimate dreams...which was marriage. I could no longer consider my own kaleidoscope but also had to realize he had one as well. Thankfully God filled both of our kaleidoscopes with similar visions and goals. We're able to support and encourage one another and be each others biggest fans. 

The beauty of things being lost is that sometimes they're capable of being found again. And when their found again, they seem to have more value and seem to have an even greater significance to you than it originally did.  In my case, I came alive again.  I was happy to be able to discover that I had found things that made me, me. That gave me a childlike essence in my approach to life.  I was thrilled to know that it wasn't too late to recapture all that had been dormant.    I felt an excitement about life that I hadn't felt in a very long time.    So thankful for past photos.               

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marriage and Wonder

Time has gone bye so fast,  my mind is truly spinning...I didn't keep my commitment to myself, which was to keep a personal blog, however, I figure its best to write when I get inspired instead of not writing at all.  Since the last blog the best thing ever happened to me...I got married! Yes, married to an AMAZING WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL LOVING COMPASSIONATE GODLY Man!  God brought about the man of my dreams "literally".  Sometimes I pinch myself when I look at him and see what has transpired in my life.  Marriage truly is a magical mysterious thing.  Something spiritual does happen whether a person acknowledges it or not.  Two lives becoming one in every facet of life is a miracle.  And I say miracle in a serious sense. I know without a doubt that marriage was created and is sustained by God. Marriage has shown me how selfish I am as a person and at the same time how sacrificial I am as well. Marriage truly brings out the extremes in my personality; I definitely think that most married people would agree with that statement.   I now understand how crucial and important it is when deciding on a mate, and how it is the second biggest decision you'll ever make in life.  Everything you experience in life is now going to be experienced with your mate, good and bad. I like this new phrase that's going around, " Do life with someone."  I'm glad God sent me down this path of marriage.  I'm a newlywed and have definitely been experiencing newlywed bliss and BUMPS. So glad that God has put insightful women (family and friends) full of wisdom in my life in the area of marriage.  My husband is reaping the benefits from the advise I've been receiving and taking.  I love my little hubby and I love being married...its so much fun...and nice to have the new status as the MRS!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Figuring it out!

I 've been wanting to start a blog since, FOREVER...but never got around to actually starting one. Why, maybe my procrastination and laziness kept me from making one, or the fact that I'm a private person, or maybe it just wasn't the right time. Whatever the case may be, I came to the conclusion through great inspirations from friends, whom are writers  photographers, poets and feelers of life (you know, emotional touchy feel-ly people, always in touch with their emotions), I decided to start a blog. I'm thinking, at least for this season, that maybe a blog will change me and reveal a side of myself that I haven't seen a positive way of course. I don't know...I'm trying to figure it all out.

These days, my life, and the world around me are filled with mysterious situations that I can't describe. Beauty, fatality, fear, hope, doubt, love, war, creation, morality, immorality, nations falling and rising, one world order, Christ return, poverty, miracles,  disillusionment, humanism, absolute truth...I can go on and on...All things are coming to a boiling point...Where do I fit in the entire Master plan? I shall see...Life is Real...not a rehearsal.